Local Government

City of Moro Council Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month
starting at 7:00pm at the Moro City Hall located at 104 First Street,
directly across from the Post Office.

PO Box 231 - 104 First Street - New City Hall
101 Dewey Street - Maintenance Building - (shop) Old City Hall
Moro, OR 97039
Phone: 541-565-3535
Fax: 541-565-3535
Phone: (shop) 541-565-0503
Public Works,  Emergency After Hours- John English 541-340-9651 
Email: moro@embarqmail.com
Webpage: www.cityofmoro.net

City Hall open Tuesdays and Wednesdays 8:00am - 4:00pm

2015 - 2016 Audit

2016-2017 City of Moro Budget


2017 Water Quality/Consumer Confidence Report

Moro Cemetery Policy

2018 City of Moro  Resolution 2018-01 General Fee Schedule

2018-2019 City of Moro Budget 
City of Moro 2019-2020 Adopted Budget
City of Moro 2017-2018 Audit Report

Current Elected Officials and Term Expiration Dates

MAYOR - Perry Thurston - 12/2020
COUNCILOR - Seth vonBorstel (Position 3) - 12/2022
COUNCILOR - Bryan Cranston (Position 1) (Council President) - 12/2022
COUNCILOR Andy Anderson (Position #4) -  12/2020
COUNCILOR - James Alley (Position 2) - 12/2020

Current Staff


Council Meeting Agendas & Minutes
Minutes are not published on the website until approved by City Council.
                    August 2018 Agenda                                           April 2, 2019 Meeting Minutes
                    September 2018 Agenda                                     April 11, 2019 Meeting Minutes
                      October 2018 Agenda                                   March 05, 2019 Meeting Minutes
                   November 2018 Agenda                                     May 07, 2019 Meeting Minutes              
                  December 2018 Agenda                                   June 04, 2019 Meeting Minutes
                  January  2019  Agenda                                     July 02, 2019 Meeting Minutes
                  February 2019 Agenda 
                   March 2019 Agenda
                       April 2019 Agenda
                   April 11 2019 Special Agenda 
                      May 07 2019 Agenda 
                      June 04, 2019 Agenda
                       July 02, 2019 Agenda


Ordinance #246- Nuisances 
Ordinance #265- Sidewalk Ordinance 

City of Moro Planning Department

City of Moro Building Procedures

The following are the procedures for building within the City limits of Moro. This includes permanent site built, manufactured homes, and portable structures and fences. 


Buildings less than 200 square feet that do not require a building permit, still require review by the Moro Planning Director to ensure compliance with zoning ordinances and setbacks.

A site map must be provided to the City to verify zoning and set-backs.

#1 – Contac t the Moro Planning Department to determine Land Use Zone for your specific property. The City of Moro has 4 main land use zones. #1 Residential (R-5), Commercial (C), Industrial (M), and Agricultural (A). Each zone has its own allowed/directly permitted uses, conditional uses and specific setbacks that must be followed.


#2- Existing fences, buildings, neighboring fences and buildings are not necessarily an indication of the legal property boundaries. If you are unsure of properties boundaries, it is suggested that you enlist the assistance of an Oregon Surveyor to determine properties boundaries, prior to commencing work. Before beginning site prep, or building anything, it is your responsibility to make sure it is located on your property, or you will be required to remove the structure or fence, this includes portable buildings, at your expense. With a few exceptions, Moro City Rights-of-Way are 80 feet wide. Alleys are 20 feet wide, and must remain open to facilitate access at ALL times.

#3 – Provide a site plan to the City that shows the location of existing buildings and placement of proposed buildings. Include property lot size, building dimensions and set-backs between buildings. The following building setbacks must be established on the site map/project plan in the Residential Zone, other zones differ. Front property boundary: 20 feet, side property boundaries: 5 feet. Rear 20 feet, minimum lot size not less than 5000 SQ Feet.  If the property is located on a corner lot, the interior side yard shall not be less than 5 feet, side yard on street side of such corner lot shall not be less than 10 feet in width.

#4 – The Moro Planning Director will review the proposed project. For outright/permitted uses the Planning Director can approve the building permit application. If the proposal is not considered an outright use, it will require public notification and public hearing as a conditional use and approval by the Moro City Council.

#5 – When the project has been reviewed and approved by the City of Moro, a building permit application will be signed by the Planning Director. The City of Moro does not issue building permits, they can be obtained from:


"State of Oregon Building Codes
2705 East 2nd St.
The Dalles, OR 97058

541-506-2650 Main
541-506-2651 Fax"

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