Water, Sewer & Streets

Information regarding agenda items from the previous Council Meetings....

The Mayor and City Council continue to make the streets of Moro a priority.  The Council over the past couple of years have been getting ready to do a chip seal program with the streets in the City.  Rock has been purchased and the oil is coming next. Once everything is in place the process of chip sealing the streets will occur.

Water and Sewer Rates

The City implemented in June of 2007 Ordinance No. 254 stating the City Council is establishing an annual adjustment for inflation to the water and sewer usage rates...That for the purposes of periodically adjusting the rates will determine annually that an increase in rates is appropriate, the fixed and overage rate structure will be adjusted based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI) from Portland, Oregon.  The adjustments for the rates will use the CPI for January & March of the same calendar year in which the water and sewer rate adjustment will become effective.  At the Council Meeting on April 5, 2016 there was a motion to NOT increase the water and sewer rates according to the CPI being an average of 1.1%.  Water rates will remain the same at $49.10 a month.  Sewer rates will remain the same at $50.33 a month making the total bill $99.43.  This will become effective July 1, 2016.

New City Hall - 104 First Street

Everyone is welcome anytime to come tour YOUR new City Hall! 
Stop in and say "HI" and have a cup of coffee!!!

Wastewater Improvement Project
The City of Moro has been issued a Mutual Agreement and Order (MAO) by Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ).

The MAO addresses non-compliance issues the City's wastewater lagoon treatment system faces with their operation permit.  The principal compliance issues are lack
of sufficient storage volume and an undersized irrigation area.  This causes irrigation outside the approved seasonal irrigation window and application of recycled water
in excess of agronomic rates.  Other modifications are needed to update an aging facility.  This project was started in April 2014 and completed in May 2015.

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